The dutch accordionist Dennis Weijers (1986) works in the field of electro-acoustic music. 

Education, Berlin & India

Dennis studied accordion and synthesizers at the music universities of Enschede and Rotterdam. After finishing his music studies, he lived for five years in Berlin, a breeding ground of experimental music. At the 2016 edition of the Superbooth event, Dennis fell in love with modular synthesizers. He started building his own modular synthesizer and played concerts in experimental music venues like Madame Claude and Gelegenheiten. In 2020, Dennis made a long journey over land through India and Nepal, carrying only an accordion, modular synth and tape recorder. He recorded music in the jungles and night trains, encountered traditional musicians and layed the foundations of his 2021 album “Accordion & Modular Synthesizer”
“Accordion & Modular Synthesizer” and “Integrations”

Back in The Netherlands, during the Covid pandemic, “Accordion & Modular Synthesizer” was recorded, Dennis’ debut album with music by Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Steve Reich wrote to him: “I would like to thank you for all the work you put in on this. It is a very different take on this piece and it works.” The album received positive reviews by Dutch news magazines and online platforms such as Waveform Magazine. For his second album, “Integrations”, Dennis composed four abstract miniatures, using primitive recording techniques. These short musical stories create a contrast between eery and beautiful, fragile and powerful. To accomplish this, Dennis used a harmonic oscillator through a resonating spring reverb. The accordion plays improvised melodies in not yet existing scales and keys. Then the music passed through a spooky, 50 year old Soviet wire recorder.

At the moment, Dennis is composing the music for the modern dance performance 'Hopak' by the Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Olga Dukhovna, which premieres in Paris, May 2024.